Brand new utility for Lizards - Bridgerr - NFT Analytics Platform

danz11#9640, representative of Bridgerr, an advanced NFT analytics platform looking to equip Lizards with full access to our suite of tools.

I, myself danz11#9640 is a Co-Founder of a company/project called bridgerr. We’re an advanced NFT analytics dashboard that is useful for all types of users from casual to serious investor designed to help anyone become profitable in the space by research, discovery and analysis of new/old NFT projects. We want to offer the entire community of EthLizards access to our platform to increase base utility, value, demand and trade volume. Designed by a 10-year experienced full stack/blockchain dev, we have a ton of features that can bring real value to anyone using our web platform.


  • NFT investors mainly throw darts at a dartboard blindfolded and hope their investment 20x’s. We aim to remove the ambiguity/uncertainty out of making those decisions
  • “Utility Stagnation” plagues the space. Projects touting merch, dao, breeding, “metaverse integration” have no real substance. Where is TRUE utility.
  • A partnership with bridgerr upscales inherent utility, but also promotes demand from outside communities, trade volumes, increase floor price & unique buyers.
  • an NFT with an unrestricted NFT research platform attached to it? You’re telling me you wouldn’t like that?

Unique Sales Proposition:

  • Most competitive tools like NFT Nerds, Compass, etc., go for 0.2-1.0Eth per year or in case $75/mo. Bridgerr, through community partnerships are able to keep costs low to the consumer by providing full access for 97% of what individual licenses would cost through our competitors.
  • Equip instant utility for your project. You now get an NFT analytics platform just by holding a Lizard
  • Community-led enhancements. As a partnered project, you’re able to dictate what features we build next. Quite literally: we build what you want. Similar to the style of this forum, proposals are made, feedback is integrated and full ideas are presented to our development team. Then they get built, simple.

Price: for 21Eth - 20E (subscription price/yr) + 1E (1-time setup fee).
Unit Economics = $8.64/user/year

We unlock full un-gatekept access to all 5100 lizards just for holding a pass. We are flexible on payment options with a standard contract being set for 1-year with 2 installments - half up front, half @ 6mo.

Bridgerr is here for the long term. This is our full time job and our NFT analytics platform is the tip of the iceberg. When appropriate, we plan to dive into Metaverse analytics, social tokens and blockchain gaming as we’ve identified the next set of trends yet to hit the crypto world. Currently, we are offering platform demos to high ranking admins/team members of prospective partners like guys to showcase our powerful set of features and to fully understand our Unique Selling Proposition. Weekly, we’ve been making updates to our platform and pushing new features to contend evenly and differentiate fro the bigger names in the space. We’re extremely happy with our current suite of functionality within our platform and plan to launch officially on May 16 for our early community members + Space Riders NFT as our flagship partner.

If EthLizards are looking to increase inherent utility and value to the collection, this proposal may interest you. We’re Bridgerr and we’re not going anywhere. Bear or Bull, we continue to build and bring value to our partners

PS - We are fully 100% doxxed and active across many social platforms. We are hosting a pre-launch party this Sunday at 2:00pm PST on Twitch to demo our platform for our community. If you’d like a glimpse of the platform, I suggest you attend.

Lastly, this upcoming Sunday, May 15th at 2:00pm PST. We are hosting a live platform demo on Twitch with Q&A. Find the link to our Discord on our twitter account @bridgerrtech to participate.

Thanks for your time, Lizards,

Please check out our website and gitbook for additional information:

Head of BD, ideation & growth

Curious to hear what others have to say. I think It’s a lot of money to be spending on something which you can usually find some free alternatives such as Given the state of the current market I don’t see it being a worthwhile investment for Ethlizards holders.


I agree. I’d prefer to wait for the investments we have already discussed.

Indeed. I bought ETH Lizards with the full intention of hodling and waiting patiently for the initial roadmap to play out. A few years is nothing in Crypto and I don’t think anyone who keeps their diamond hands will regret sticking it out. I feel like deviating too much from the course we’ve set will only open the DAO up to more risk and less efficient coordination of it’s resources. Let’s focus our efforts on what we initially set out to do and in time, I have every confidence that we will be making bank.