Community Questions to the Council

Questions to Council from the community (imported from Discord):


  1. Will we get any official update of your next activities?

  2. Will you schedule regular meetings?

  3. Will anyone take notes to summarize the outcomes?

  4. Will you have any official/internal milestone?

  5. Any internal structure to settle?

6. @jeff anything we can integrate with Polemos down the road? Could help both sides
[Jeff - “possibly, would have to give this a good think”]

For me the single biggest current issues for us to resolve are:

  1. Role clarity.
    I think there is a lot of confusion about who exactly is responsible for what, and where role scopes begin and end.
    I’d be keen to see a written summary developed - of the activities that are in scope for the recently elected council and those in scope for the team.

Whatever activities are absent from both lists then become activities to be driven by the community/dao.

(Sidenote: There is no “council approval” of LIPs as far as I know (unlike ILV) - we would all vote on any LIPs, rather than having delegated council members do this for us - is this right? And the council instead only focuses on sourcing, approving and sizing investment deals?)

  1. Use of funds
    I’d like to see the treasury get broken up into sub-categories, where for example a certain percentage of treasury is safeguarded for investments only.
    Doing so could also free up people to then know what is still left for expenses such as new hires, without feeling that it’s incrementally creeping into the investment portion.

  2. Dashboard.
    I believe the team is already working on this - and maybe @cryptish.eth is assisting?
    But this is going to be so important for us all, as it’ll give real-time clarity and transparency of funds. How they’re being used, how they’re growing, and how investments are performing.

10. Wen Investments? :lizard: