LIP-10 Burning the bridge

Greetings lizards,

As you know, the genesis bridge was created 2 months ago to integrate the original lizards to the protocol. Seeing as there still 31 lizards still unmigrated, I believe it is now time to burn the bridge and solidify the number of genesis lizards within the ecosystem.

LIP-10 will deactivate the genesis bridge immediately so any unmigrated genesis lizards will have stayed out in the sun for too long for being inactive and been cooked alive.

Yours truly,
Genesis lizard #84?


Proposals everywhere, what a good week!

I’m in support of this. I do think we should have a date and announcement given though if it passes. Ethlizards account tweets it and gives a time/date out of two weeks after it passes


How could You not believe in words of wise councilman? Great idea!

I would also consider adding yeild that would be left after burned genesis to remaining ones. That would be just another valuable point added on top of higher rarity.

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Definitely think there should be a fixed date in this proposal, for example in a month from when it is presented.


2 weeks sounds fine to me


BURN THE BRIDGE :fire: :fire: :fire:


As Generals of old did, so shall Lizard Generals follow…

We burn the bridge behind us NOT as a rejection of those left behind.

As a symbol that there is NO retreat. NO surrender.
Lizards move forward



I support the burn. 2 weeks from post being voted on is good.


It is a pitty, #100 genesis was a nice number.
Would it be possible to “duplicate” the non-migrated ones in the migrated protocol? They could be included into the vault, or given away in a future to loyal partners like Framework, Civitas, Gamestop? Why not !

3/5 Council members are in approval? Its a wrap.

Seems like it! Good to see so much support for this logical idea. I am also in support of this proposal as long as the date/timeframe is clearly announced across multiple channels.

I would also add a layer that the incremental weight for revenue distribution from the un-migrated lizards should be given to the migrated lizards. This does two things, reward active genesis holders and incentivize migrating.

Think that makes the proposal alot more convoluted. Less lizards alive generally increases stake % anyways.

As a non-iguana I have no say, but all I wonder is, who are these 30 lizards that haven’t touched their nft?
Maybe in addition to discord and Twitter warnings, I’d be happy to assist in manually hunting them down to let them know.
Or is the purpose to reduce supply…?

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I do not think that the goal is to reduce the supply. If the transition was given 2 weeks - I agree, many might not see it. But 2.5 months, in my opinion, is more than enough for the transition. I think that the goals of the DAO are, first of all, an active community.

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Is my understanding correct that this would then adjust the maximum staking weight to be 5350 - 62 = 5288? The 62 is 31x2 for the unmigrated lizards assuming none of them actually finished the migration.

If so, I think it’s a good proposal. No need to do any further calculations or add additional weighting to Genesis in my opinion. This gives everyone an additional ~1.1% weight compared to what they have today for revenue.

It simultaneously recognizes those who are active in the community while giving a fair warning notice to anyone who hasn’t checked in during the last few months to take action over the upcoming two weeks. Good proposal Sheep!

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Agreed on the argument.
The correct number however is:
Currently: 5050vs+1002v1 = 5250
After the bridge is burn : 5050+69
Around 1.2% increase per share

I will move this to Prelim. voting now, @sheep when do you want the deadline of the closing of the bridge to be?

2 weeks from approval

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Makes sense to me. A finite date would be best.

I support the proposal :fire: Also agree with the sentiments that we want an active community however we can try to do our best to give everyone fair (2+ week) notice, announcing through Discord/Twitter/etc.