LIP-6 Pre-Council Investments PRELIM DISCUSSION

Proposal #: 6

Title: LIP-6 Pre-Council Investments
Author: KakashiSama, Kieran Warwick, and most_dope
Date Created: 19th April 2022

This vote is to approve “pre-council” investments as detailed below:

This document proposes a change to grant temporary investment permissions to the Ethlizard DAO, specifically before the time that a 5 member fund management council is formally elected - subsequently written and referred to as “pre-council” investments for the remainder of the proposal. This would allow for the Ethlizard DAO to initiate these “pre-council” investments with the DAO treasury funds immediately upon LIP-6 approval.

Relevant Information:
The Ethlizard DAO investment fund council has still yet to be elected and installed. Elections are scheduled for May 2022.

The Ethlizard DAO treasury vault currently holds 341+ ETH. Up to 80% of this may be used for potential investments according to the DAO protocol.

Ethlizard staking contracts are already in development. These staking contracts relate to the investment reward distribution; Their current absence does not directly limit or withhold any ability for the DAO treasury to be used for investments immediately. Staking / RevDis solutions to specifically address these “pre-council” investments shall be resolved at a later date.

Post-council elections: In accordance with LIP-4, from the time that the fund management council election and installment occurs, all investment fund management responsibilities will be handled by the elected 5 member council. This will remain unchanged and is not affected by LIP-6.


  1. The Ethlizard DAO will be granted permissions and autonomy to make “pre-council” investments using DAO treasury funds for up to 3 unique investments. These 3 combined investments shall not exceed a maximum total limit of 85ETH (24.87% of DAO’s current treasury - around $255k). These “pre-council” investments could be made by the DAO in cases where:
    A. It is a seed/pre-seed investment deal passed along by an advisor.
    B. Investment decisions would be guided by advisor input and thorough analysis to be made towards the end goal of financial benefit for the Ethlizard DAO treasury.
    C. The Ethlizard DAO investment fund council has still yet to be elected and installed.
    D. The Ethlizard team would handle the administration on behalf of the DAO to execute the steps to complete any of these 3 “pre-council” investments.
  2. For these “pre-council” investments, the 5% fee that is normally reserved for the council, will be instead sent to the Ethlizard DAO treasury to be used for reinvestment.

The council elections are still some weeks away, yet there are some promising investment opportunities that are available immediately. This LIP-6 proposes limited DAO permissions that would allow “pre-council” investments to occur immediately, thus providing earlier access to earning opportunities for the DAO.

Should we approve the DAO to be able to make these “pre-council” investments?

Voting options:
A. Yes
B. No
C. Abstain


Snapshot link for Prelim voting: Snapshot

Link to original thread in New Proposal Discussion

(It has some relevant comments on the Version 1 of this proposal; please note that some details have been changed or addressed since in this V2 version posted here)

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Great write up! I agree investment should not be delayed due to council not being set-up yet.

I like this strategy and look forward to learning about the investments the pre-council has in mind.

LIP-6 Final voting: Snapshot

If there will be certain analysis being shared to the overall group and elaborate on the decision of going forward with the plan with transparency. It would be great.

Hey @JeffreyWonG_ABS !
We now have a new sections to the forums for Council and Investment related discussions: