LIP- 9 KakashiSama to be included in core team


Since he came in 6th in the vote for council; despite all the work he did, does and will be doing for Ethlizards, I personally believe he would be a GREAT add to the core team.
He can serve as the DAO secretary; the bridge between council, core team and community.

I know this isn’t the traditional LIP formula, but this is something different.





100% agree. Lets go Kakashi.

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Agreed, Kakashi would be an excellent addition to the core team.

100% agree. Kakashi would be an added value for sure, he did an awesome job for the community.

I also agree. Community liaison officer? Kakashi has definitely been a constant presence. I find his breakdowns and ability at culminating everyone’s concerns, ideas, wants, likes and dislikes, informative and accurate.

I also agree. I was thrilled to hear that Kakashi is joining Illuvium.

+1 from me for sure! Kakashi offers a great service to the community to keep everyone well informed without having to read everything that’s happened in governance, etc.

This LIP has all my support. Kakashi has already been instrumental in the DAO many times, and could do even more with a formalized position

You will need to write how much he should be paid and what the responsibilities are.


Kakashi has been great for the community and I think he deserves a more official position also.

I would fully agree with that. However as Dupree said more details are needed. Anyone good in numbers and contractual management? :smile:

I support this post, Hes been a great addition the the Illuvium team and personally makes everything better around him or at least tries his hardest

Just for some clarity, are we talking about hiring Kakashi or adding him to the core team as the title states? I’m all for hiring Kakashi, given we have the funds, but I’m not convinced there’s any reason to add him to the core team.

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I’m all in for this. I just need to know the exact role.

I wanted to let the community weigh in on this before I offered a reply.

Copy/pasting my response to @genki on discord here:

Most likely my role/works would be something like Special Projects or some other Operations type of role. Based on my previous contributions to the Ethlizards and my skillset, responsibilities could be based around problem solving, solution and system development, LIP and governance support, other DAO improvements etc. (Similar to some of the works I do as a Core Contributor for Illuvium)

On the level of time/work contribution, I’d estimate it would be similar to that of an average Council Member.

Many of you are familiar with my works in this DAO. For anyone wanting to know more, you can see a detailed breakdown of my previous contributions, skills, etc. here: Discord

On my side, of course I’d be happy to be adequately compensated to do work for the Ethlizards DAO. For specific compensation discussion - I prefer the community to weigh in on this.

Hey everyone, I usually just follow the discussion and I have seen that KakashiSama has helped the project a lot. I mean a lot. Kudos to you ser.

In my humble opinion, the core team is already built up by the voting so we should just stick to that. This will create a precedent for any future voting.

I think a paid role is OK if we understand what’s involved cost-benefit. Voting rights would be out. Thank -you KakashiSama for your support to the lizards.

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My 2 cents, I would personally want to see the well-discussed 15% to cover everything, from founders to council core team etc. Yeah I know that the current structure is 15+5+80, I personally do not feel well about it. I feel everything should be in the 15% then the rest 85% to profit for everyone who owns a lizard via staking and investments. And this is not going specifically to Kakashi, it’s for everyone who joins the core team in the future. If this requires a different LIP to approve the 15% and what it specifically includes so be it. But personally, I am against anything that affects that (80%) 85%. Heck I even want to see it increase to even higher levels to increase benefits for owners. To go back to the topic. I am happy to see Kakashi and everyone who actively contributes to join the team from any position. but if that is included to the percentages discussed above. As in terms of role and compensation, he can maybe be the official LIP writer and get paid 50-100$ per LIP creation?

Sir that is too much work. Can you just roll the dice?? We believe.