Staking Discussion - The case for RevDis Staking & No Locked Lizards


In this heated debate about staking vs no-staking, strong pros and cons have been given from both sides.
For reference, arguments against locked weighted staking
The main arguments for locked weighted staking are:
-Reward alignment and long term commitment in the project.
-Increase floor value of the collection by introducing scarcity → higher secondary sales

The alignment and commitment should be rewarded. Fundamentally most agree on that. At the same time lock staking lizards doesn’t really fulfil that role as it doesn’t bring any value to the DAO (apart of debatable increased scarcity).

At present, after the Team and Council share is taken from profits, 50% goes directly to revenue distribution, the other 50% stays in the treasury for reinvestment, thus concatenating.
That means that optimally, the vault could grow 2x faster if no RevDis was given.
Of course nobody wants to give up his share of the cake. But staking your RevDis, for an actionable amount of time for the DAO to use it, would be a great commitment and alignment action one can take, keeping value in the treasury and helping faster growth to take place.


Your lizard has a constant weight of 1 (1 :lizard:=1 :lizard:)
You can opt-in to lock your RevDis instead of claiming it, every time it’s distributed.
The lock-in period has to be long enough for the amount to be actionnable by the DAO, for example 6 month minimum.
You get an extra weight on the next RevDis corresponding to:

W=(total locked/total distributed) * average lock time factor


  • lock time factors: 0.25 for 6 month, 0.5 for 1 year, 0.75 for 1,5 year, 1 for 2 years
  • your max weight is your lizard weigh + max W=2

Through out your lizard journey you have received 4eth of RevDis in total.
You locked 1eth for 2 years, and 2eth for 6 month,
Your locked time factor is :
(1eth * 1 / 3eth) + (2eth * 0.25 / 3eth)=0.5
You locked 3eth/4eth=0.75
Your total weight for the next RevDis is 1+0.5 * 0.75= 1.375


  • That is a fair and simple system that gives incentive to commitment leading to up to 2x faster treasury vault growth.
  • It allows for new lizards to directly gain 2x weight, right after the 1st RevDis by locking it (incentive to get in and align with the vision)
  • It keeps flexibility on selling your unlocked lizard if you need to (but why would you if you have locked RevDis giving you increased weight?)
  • Your weight adapts to the decision you make at every RevDis (commit and lock or take profits, benefits long term best behaviour for the good of the DAO the most)
  • It reuses component of the already developed staking platform
  • leaves less ETH in the claim contract as all the locked RevDis can flow back directly to the treasury (smaller honey pot)

Alternatively, if you really want to reward early investors, you could also bring a ratio over the total RevDis sent to the history of one lizard (not just one wallet). But that can have discouraging effects on new lizard holders who can feel they missed the train, leading to less than optimal secondary sales. OR have this factor linked to another incentive (babies, eggs…)

Optional lead to investigate: Since it’s locked you can add that value to your ETHbag and price it in the sale of your lizard, without the risk of “the claim right before sell” gaming vector :wink: doesn’t even have to be a NFT trait if we have our own marketplace where you can see the bag value and next vesting date → massive increase in potential secondary sales volume